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Both common textbook wisdom and popular expert belief suggest that the essence of computer security and, more recently, cybersecurity is stopping the enemy at the gates.

This belief is wrong because it rests on several wrong assumptions.

Theoretical computer science tells us that an algorithm for the determination of a program’s effects cannot exist – it is an undecidable problem. The failure of programs claiming to recognize malware, such as anti-virus systems and firewalls, proves this theoretical finding in everyday practice.

We say:

We do:

  1. Use robust cryptography and technical control to prevent damage.
  2. Let the user have complete control over his cryptographic keys so that they never leave his devices.
  3. Do not compromise on performance, functionality and flexibility.

Our USPs

CipherGain has patented solutions for the 360° technical security of information systems. Hackers, administrators, malicious software and other unauthorized parties are unable to read and disclose data; eavesdropping on data transferred between parties is of no avail, too. We also ensure integrity, authenticity and access availability.

However, the unique advantage of our solutions is the fact that they also offer comprehensive comfort and performance. Let it be the evaluation of queries in real-time, versatile usage of credentials or flexible assignment of access rights – we solve the problem considered to have no solution. We provide both invincible technical security and full usability at maximum performance.

Only we deliver real-time operation, comfortable access via passwords, smartcards and other credentials, assignment of access rights without limits and absolute technical security. We produce protection with certainty, so you do not need to worry about attackers anymore and enjoy the benefits of cloud computing and mobile 5G systems. Your users will not notice the difference working on encrypted and digitally signed data – hackers, corrupt administrators, confiscators and all other attackers will.

Proprietary innovative technologies

Zero-footprint device-side-encryption

Let each user of a networked information system encrypt data with his keys to protect it in the Cloud from hackers, administrators and all others who can gain access to the storage place.

Use all devices, share data and collaborate flexibly, and enjoy all functions with splendid performance.

Cloud can be so relaxing, because we give you the certainty that the confidentiality of your data is invulnerable!


Zero-footprint device-side-encryption

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Asymmetric key derivation on the client

Use your username and password to compute your strong unique private key everytime you login.


Asymmetric key derivation on the client

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Cross encryption key versatility

Use your smart card to encrypt your data and your username and password to decrypt it.

Dual key flexible access control rights

Set access rights on encrypted data with an encrypted access control system and have even more flexibility than in conventional access control systems.

Search on encrypted data

Search encrypted data with various criteria without a performance penalty.

Evaluation and computation with encrypted data

Evaluate functions and relations on encrypted data, e.g. soundex or date-parts.

Compute statitsics and reports on encrypted data.

White noise encryption

Provide indefinetly long confidentiality for communication with an AES-256 and random pad encryption pipeline.

Local ECC pseudonym derivation

Compute multiple uncorreltable pseudonyms every time you need them without storing the original identity.

Snap-shot pseudonyms

Correlate anonymous data from several sources for comprehensive analysis with full privacy.

Pseudonymous communication

Communicate with pseudonymous participants and encrypt individually the messages withou knowing the recipient's identity.

Transitive white list process control

Inspect and register the call graph of all authorised applications.

Recognise alien code and prevent it from executing.

Inverted sandbox application shelter

Turn a sandbox into a shelter, run sensitive applications inside and protect them from manipulation, interference and eavesdropping.


Cloud Secure Performance Technology

The Cloud can be so relaxing, because we give you the certainty that the confidentiality of your data is invulnerable!

  • Device-side-encryption protection of confidentiality
  • Searching, sorting and computation without decrypting data
  • Unrestricted collaboration with all-devices-access
  • Applicable to all information systems
  • Migration support with a pre-compiler and libraries for all standard functions

Malware Protect

Imagine malware has entered your computer and cannot do any harm.

  • No malware execution with Transitive White Listing
  • No malicious interference with Inverted Sandboxing
  • Ransomware disabled with Program Confined Access

Email Protect

Can a secure email system provide indefinetly long confidentiality, work invisibly to the user, be administered on a single computer without an infrastructure? Yes.

  • No-holes long-term email confidentiality
  • Invisible operation
  • Lean administration
  • Low-cost no PKI operation

Loyalty Protection

AI-based recognition of illegal program, device and function usage for fraud prevention.

Recognizes by resource consumption anomalies in user activities and can stop them.

Theft Protection

Specify precisely the user, the program, the device, the location, the time and more for legitimate work and access.

Sectors: Benefits for target groups

Software companies

  • Built-in confidentiality
  • Easy migration to CSP
  • Self-defence with Inverted Sandbox


  • Reliable data security in the Cloud
  • Full client protection
  • Convenient low-cost high-security email

Military and Government

  • Technical enforcement of cyber security
  • Invincible data confidentiality
  • Reliable device protection

5G providers and developers

  • Application and data protection by design and by default
  • Secure Cloud usage with technical assurance

E-Health companies

  • Medical data security
  • Digital collaboration with all stakeholders
  • Protection of hospitals and practices

Blockchain users

  • Extension with flexible credential management and availability





Human resources


Private persons

  • Reliable protection of the private sphere

Compliance, regulations and certificates

EU GDPR: The new European General Data Protection Regulation - and how to satisfy it

The GDPR comes into effect in May 2018.

It demands privacy by design and states strict protection requirements for personal data.

While others try to avoid it with legal tricks, Ciphergain's CSP technology enables every information system to satisfy it with technical means.

German StGB §203: Confidentiality of sensitive personal data - and how to satisfy it

The StGB §203 ...


While others try to avoid it with legal tricks, Ciphergain's CSP technology enables every information system to satisfy it with technical means.

US HIPAA: Confidentiality of medical data - and how to satisfy it

HIPAA is a set of ...


While others try to avoid it with legal tricks, Ciphergain's CSP technology enables every information system to satisfy it with technical means.



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